Occupational First Aid HLTSS00027

Occupational First Aid Skill Set HLTSS00027

Skill Set Description

This skill set provides a set of skills to establish, maintain and facilitate the provision of appropriate first aid in a workplace environment, including the skills to provide an emergency first aid response in the event of an emergency.


HLTAID006 Provide advanced first aid

HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation

HLTAID008 Manage first aid services and resources

Pathways Information

These units may provide credit towards a range of qualifications at Certificate IV and Diploma levels.

Licensing/Regulatory Information

Specific licensing requirements relating to this competency, including requirements for refresher training, should be obtained from the relevant State/Territory Work Health and Safety Regulatory Authority.

Entry Requirements

You must apply for a USI (Unique Student Idenifier). Go to www.usi.gov.au to apply or to retrieve. If you already have a USI please bring it to the course.

Target Group

This skill set has been endorsed by industry as appropriate for people who are either employed in, or intending to become employed in, nominated occupational first aider roles.

Suggest words for Statement of Attainment

This skill set meets industry requirements to perform the role and responsibilities required of an Occupational First Aider.

Pre course study options:

There are a number of different options for completing the pre-course study for the advanced first aid unit;

  • Ebook
  • Online training
  • Hard copy coloured workbook

The pre course study includes a question paper consisting of 64    multi choice questions. You must take the completed paper with you to    the training course.

Initial Course duration:

  • Mixed Mode: Completion of pre-course study plus 20 hours practical training
  • Face to Face: 24 hours face to face training

Refresher Course duration:

  • Mixed Mode: Completion pre-course study plus 12 hours practical training
  • Face to Face: 24 hours face to face training

Important information regarding course durations:

Course durations, as mentioned above, are reflective of group sizes  of between 4 and 15 participants. If there are less students in a group,  you may find course duration reduced by a maximum of 10%. If a class  size exceeds 15 participants it may therefore also be  necessary to  increase course duration depending on the number of  participants.


This course is delivered in partnership with Allen’s Training PTY LTD RTO 90909