Online Learning

We offer  3 options for you to complete your Pre Course study before attending your practical session with the trainer.

You only need to complete 1 of these options, as each training option will suit different learners.

Option 1  Paper based  Workbook

If you are not very strong with computers or do not have a computer or internet connection available, we recommend you ask your trainer for the paper based workbook. A trainer will provide you with this material and you need to complete the assessment questions. Ensure you take this workbook with you when attending the practical session


Option 2 Online Learning Program (recommended for first timers)

If you prefer online training this option if for you. Each module is divided into lessons. After you work through the lessons you will be required to complete a quiz. The quiz will require 100% completion to be successful. 


You can complete our online learning program by creating an account and then working through all of the lessons and completing the quiz at the end of each lesson. You will need to print out a copy of the online completion certificate and take it along to your practical session

Click here to log in to online platform


Option 3 e-Book (recommended if you have completed a the course previously)

If you are confident with computers and have internet access our First Aid Workbook is available as an e-book. Which you can access at any time, even after your course is over. You will be required to attend a practical session and successfully complete both a theory and practical assessment before you will be awarded a nationally recognised statement of attainment.

PLEASE allow approximately 2 to 6 hours to read and complete depending on your knowledge and skills, do this at least 2 days before the date of your course in case issues arise.


Simply click on the link below to view the workbook on the screen as an eBook (you cannot print the workbook- it is to be viewed on screen) You will need to print out the questions and answer sheet at the end of the eBook, complete the questions and take the completed answers to your practical session.

We recommend you print the answer sheet at the beginning to assist your learning as you read the materials


Please ensure on the day of the course that you print out your completed certificate and hand this into the trainer, for proof of completion. Failure to do so may mean you will not participate in the course.

For further resources see Allens Training First aid Charts and Videos

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