Perform basic water rescues SISCAQU002 & Perfrom CPR HLTAID001 (Skill Set)

SISCAQU002 - Perfrom basic water rescues & HLTAID001 Perfrom CPR Skill Set

Information about the course:

This skills set teaches the skills and knowledge required to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in line with the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC) Guidelines. This course is developed for existing workers in the industry who may require CPR training as recommended by the ARC. This course also describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to perform basic water rescues in indoor or outdoor aquatic venues.

Specific licensing requirements relating to this competency, including requirements for refresher training, should be obtained from the relevant state/territory work health and safety regulatory authority.


Target Audience:

Those who are required to provide an emergency first aid response in a workplace. The skills set applies to all workers who may be required to perform basic water rescues in a range of situations, including swimming pools. Work is performed according to accepted best practice principles of aquatic rescues, relevant legislation and organisational policies.

Course Requirements:

There are no prerequisite, entry, work-placement, licencing or certification requirements for this course.

Students are not required to bring any materials or equipment with them to the course.

Assessment Requirements:

It is a Training Package requirement of this course that you are physically capable of performing uninterrupted CPR for at least 2 minutes on a CPR manikin placed on the floor. It is also a requirement of this course that you are physically capable of performing swimming rescues in a simulated aquatic facility or environment such as an indoor pool, outdoor pool, or shallow water venue.

Award issued:

Students who successfully complete this nationally recognised training will be awarded the statement of attainment for:

  • HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • SISCAQU002 Perform basic water rescues

Recertification Requirements:

It is recommended this unit be renewed every 12 months in line with industry standards.

Course Duration:

  • Full course: pre-course study plus 5 hours face-to-face
  • Refresher course: pre-course study plus 4 hours face-to-face

Important information regarding course durations:

Course durations, as mentioned above, are reflective of group sizes of between 4 and 15 participants. If there are less students in a group, you may find course duration reduced by a maximum of 10%. If a class size exceeds 15 participants it may therefore also be necessary to increase course duration depending on the number of participants.

Pre course study options:

There are a few different options for completing your pre-course study. 

We recommend our First Aid News Video as it is the most convenient option.

Other options include

  • Ebook
  • Online training
  • Hard copy coloured workbook

The pre course study includes a short self assessment knowledge quiz. You must take the completed paper with you to the training course.


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This course is delivered in partnership with Allen’s Training PTY LTD RTO 90909

Pool Lifeguard (SISSS00111)

Information about the course:

This unit deals with the skills and knowledge required to supervise swimming pool users, including pool surveillanc, scanning techniques, rescue skills, oxygen resuscition and emergancy care until the arrival of medical assistance.

Skill sets are applicable across several community recreation occupations where licensing and registration schemes exist. The following skill set has been identified to align to aquatic registration schemes.

Prerequisites & Entry requirements:

You must apply for a USI (Unique Student Identifier). Go to to apply or to retrieve. If you already have a USI please bring it to the course.

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
If you do not hold a current HLTAID003 you will be required to complete this qualification piror to undertaking the lifegaurding course. Aqualife Training can provide the HLTAID003 at a discounted rate when booking in conjunction with a lifegaurding course. Please contact Aqualife Training directly to arrange this.


  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid (pre requisite and is NOT noted on the statement of attainment) 
  • SISCAQU202A Perform basic water rescues
  • SISCAQU306A Supervise clients at an aquatic facility or environment
  • SISCAQU318 Perform advance water rescues
  • PUAEME001B Provide emergency care (PAUFIR215 - Prevent Injury INC)
  • PUAEME003C Administer oxygen in an emergency situation

Target audience:

This skill set is for those wishing to gain pool lifeguard accreditation and aligns to the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia Pool Lifeguard accreditation.

Award issued:

These competencies from the SIS10 Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package meet the skill and knowledge requirements under Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's Pool Lifeguard Award.

Pathway Information:

These units provide credit towards SIS30113 Certificate III in Aquatics Licensing/Regulatory InformationThese competencies meet the skill and knowledge requirements under the Royal Life Saving Society of Australia's Pool Lifeguard Award

Initial Course duration:

A pre course study booklet will be sent out prior and must be completed (Pool Lifeguard and/or First Aid).

16 Hours (2 X 8 Hour Days) Plus on the job booklet

Refresher Course duration:

 8 Hours ( 1 X 8 Hour Day)

For group bookings, please contact Aqualife Training. 

For public courses, please contact Sports SA (8353 7755 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for a current list of course dates 


This course is delivered in partnership with  South Australian Sports Federation INC RTO 2280

School Swimming Programs

In partnership with Elite Swim School, Aqualife Training has developed a school swimming program to meet the needs of the private and independent school community. We provide quality and safe aquatic education for all client needs and cultural backgrounds.

In consultation with industry experts we have generated a swimming program that is progress orientated not outcome orientated; be better promote an inclusive learning environment.

All of our instructors are full qualified and experienced and you always deal with the owner of Aqualife Training for management and adminisative of the program and the owner of Elite Swim School for the day to day running of the programs. We frequently have clients return to us because of our quality of education and customer service.

We are all mobile and don't operate out of 1 particular swimming pool, we have all brand new equipment and ready to come to you. We are happy to help you with booking pools and will always draw up a program timetable and generate a competitive quote.

We provide each student a bright and colourful A4 certificates of participation. We provide the school with online access to policy and procedure documents, forms and information sheets for your convenience.

Just call or email Aqualife Training and we will be more than happy to help with your enquiry

Aquatic Boot Camp

Aqualife Training has developed and Aquatics Boot camp program for sporting clubs and other fitness fanatics. Based out of the indoor Hydrotherapy Pool at the Hampstead Centre, your Aquatic Boot Camp session will incorporates 3 aspects; cardio vascular endurance, muscle strengthen and resistance training. This low impact and safe environment is perfect for those who are coming back from injury or for those who want a challenge! 

Whether you're a netball club or a group fitness class, the Aquatic Boot Camp is a great alternative to regular fitness training. This program has been designed by aquatics industry staff and personal trainers. The program can be tailored to meet your needs. There is no need for you to be an expert swimmer, nor even a novice; there is a very minimal aspect of swimming involved. Our coaches can coach you through the basic strokes to better preform and get the most out of your aquatic session.

It is a fun, safe and very effective fitness environment. Water and your movement though it allows you to use and strengthen those different muscles that aren't commonly used. Breathing techniques allows better utilization of lung capacity and the bodies' unitization of oxygen.

So give it a try today!