Aquatic Boot Camp

Aqualife Training has developed and Aquatics Boot camp program for sporting clubs and other fitness fanatics. Based out of the indoor Hydrotherapy Pool at the Hampstead Centre, your Aquatic Boot Camp session will incorporates 3 aspects; cardio vascular endurance, muscle strengthen and resistance training. This low impact and safe environment is perfect for those who are coming back from injury or for those who want a challenge! 

Whether you're a netball club or a group fitness class, the Aquatic Boot Camp is a great alternative to regular fitness training. This program has been designed by aquatics industry staff and personal trainers. The program can be tailored to meet your needs. There is no need for you to be an expert swimmer, nor even a novice; there is a very minimal aspect of swimming involved. Our coaches can coach you through the basic strokes to better preform and get the most out of your aquatic session.

It is a fun, safe and very effective fitness environment. Water and your movement though it allows you to use and strengthen those different muscles that aren't commonly used. Breathing techniques allows better utilization of lung capacity and the bodies' unitization of oxygen.

So give it a try today!